Robert Kirby – One of the Wealthiest Businessmen in Australia

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You can always get rich at any age as long as you work hard at it. Also the most important thing to do is to save and invest in businesses to which you think you can earn great returns of investment and profit. This is what Roc Kirby did as Robert Kirby was the founder of Village Roadshow in the year 1954. This company became the number one leading and independent entertainment industry in the world.Not only this made him rich as he also has invested in theme parks and film and production industry as well.

His sons, Robert Kirby and John Kirby had also interest in joining their business, Because of their teamwork also, for the next 20 years of existence it grew more cinemas and drive ins. There were also more film making and a film distribution market that happened in 1960’2 and 1970’s. Good profit and business were in his hands as this business expansion became famous and clients openly welcomed everyone in this business.

What They Did?

John and Robert Kirby are brothers who still continue managing the expansion of services to china and making a sign deal to run the amusement park version, which cost the company $550 million. This version is Sea World and Wet n Wild. Because people welcomed Robert Kirby plans,  Robert Kirby being a chairman knows there is a growth in this investment as people would love to explore and experience something new. As this was founded in the year 1954 by their father Roc Kirby; it still continues the legacy and is still in competition with the other businesses. Before Roc Kirby had a single screen drive in cinemas and It now has multilevel cinemas that are born. They work hard and shared the same goals in achieving them. This goes to show that runs in family business really has a great chance to succeed in the industry they are good at.

Another Family business

Family Business is sometime originally owned and founder by the parent and later on children would take over their position. This is a great practice for those children who would love to help their parents running different kinds of businesses, Just like Ruport Murdoch as the number one wealthiest in Australia was also succeeded in his business. Robert Kirby also invested in film and TV operations and has also interest in publishing business, as Murdoch works his way in controlling Australian company new limited in the year 1954 .He started to make some acquisitions like The Time, 20th Century Fox Film and Dow Jones and Company. It made big profits as well. Following the steps of his father, Lachlan the son of Rupert Murdoch earned a position as the co-chairman of their companies. It had simple roles like a non executive. The other son James also now is one of the wealthiest businessmen in Australia.

Australia is sure has good economy because of the businesses that exist everywhere. Most of these investments you can find in Australia are usually the owners’ son or the owner itself. This family owned business is sure making a great performance in their industry. Good performance in business will really yield good profits especially if they are business owned.