Political Impact on Human Trafficking

UN speaks about human trafficking

Political actions on human trafficking can only be effective if people in political leadership make deliberate efforts to; identify the primary factors that make certain people vulnerable to trafficking, mobilize finances to support the agenda, determine the magnitude and range of effects of human trafficking, identify strategic partners who will contribute in fighting against the vice and conduct awareness campaigns to enlighten people on how unsafe human trafficking is.

Political impact on human trafficking

Conformance with international law

Politics can significantly contribute to the fight against human trafficking if political leaders decide to comply with international law (treaties and conventions) by signing, ratifying and enforcing international agreements.

Some of the international agreements that are concerned with human trafficking are; UN Convention for the Prevention, Suppression and Punishment of Human Trafficking and UN Protocol against Smuggling of Migrants via Land, Air or Sea.

Complying with international law will make governments legally obliged to protect victims, penalize traffickers and give victims residence within their borders either temporarily or permanently.

Raise awareness

Executive and legislative arms of governments should inform citizens about human trafficking and closely work with them to eradicate the menace.

Strengthen prevention mechanisms

There is need to warn vulnerable groups about the dangers of human trafficking.

Politicians should find ways of alleviating factors that make their voters vulnerable to trafficking. This can be achieved by reducing poverty levels, creating employment opportunities and fostering equitable distribution of resources.

Protect and support victims

Political leaders should ensure that victims of human trafficking who seek refuge at conflict zones and refugee camps are provided with good housing, material and psychological assistance, counseling and medical services.

Enhance law enforcement

Executive and legislative arms of governments should improve law enforcement measures by; strengthening information exchange among law enforcement agencies concerning international trafficking routes and profiles of notorious human traffickers with the ultimate objective of dismantling such criminal groups and networks.

Enrich knowledge

Political leaders ought to educate citizens on the nature and scope of human trafficking by facilitating collection and analysis of data, having joint research initiatives and creating evidence-based reports on global trafficking trends.

Strengthen partnerships

The fight against human trafficking can only bear fruits if executive and legislative arms of governments build up thematic and regional networks involving stakeholders such as; civil society, private sector and inter-governmental organizations.

Create special purpose funds

Relevant arms of government ought to collect and leverage financial resources into financing projects within their boundaries and across the world with the objective of eliminating the practice that grossly violates human rights.

Create formal contact groups

The main agenda of such groups should be to enable member states own the whole process, which will effectively encourage them to create and maintain long-term momentum.

Cooperative mechanisms

Political leaders should establish contacts at varying levels to facilitate cutting of red tape and also to make quick action against the vice possible.

Fight against corruption

There is need to strengthen the fight against corruption among border officials and police officers. These are people who are notorious for facilitating human trafficking by taking bribes from human traffickers at border points.

Overhauling systems

There is need for leaders in all government arms (executive, judiciary and legislature) to restructure all the major divisions of their criminal justice systems which employ people who’re often involved in aiding and abetting crimes involving human trafficking, such as the police, judicial officers and public prosecutors. For more further information about Human Trafficking you can visit www.stopthetraffik.com.au.