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Australia’s Economic Business Growth

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The Australian Mining Boom

There is no doubt that Australia’s economy has been slowing significantly since the mining boom that ended in 2011. During this economic peak, which represents one of the largest shocks to the national economy, the currency reached above parity (1.10) for the first time in history, terms of trade reached a memorable all time high of 118.5 and the mining industry itself comprised of around 8% of GDP. This had a dramatic affect on all Australians on a retail level. By 2013, real GDP per capita had amplified; household disposable income increased by 13% and real wages grew around 6%. The economic outlook and future were looking positive and Australian living standards were predicted to have increased significantly as a result. However like all economic fluctuations and changes in the business cycle, they are temporary. Thus when the mining boom ended in 2011 due to slowdown in Chinese demand for Australian commodities, this had and continues to have an immense affect on Australia’s economy and utility levels.

The aftermath of the commodity boom

Once the mining boom ended, due to the significant appreciation of the Australian Dollar, the Reserve Bank of Australia was attempting to intervene, utilizing monetary system methods and instruments to try and bring the Australian dollar down. As a result of the stubbornly high dollar, tourism and hospitality industries were suffering. Unemployment was increasing while citizens were still struggling to adapt to a slower economy. The Reserve Bank further adopted a highly expansionary monetary policy stance, dropping the cash rate to the lowest it has been for more than half a century at around 2.5%

The current economic situation in Australia

Since then, four years later, the Australian economy has started to gather momentum. With both consumer and business confidence increasing, the AUD falling to around 75 cents and the cash rates further dropping 50 basis points to 2%. Businesses are starting to attract international markets and gaining a competitive edge, allowing for increased revenue and profit ability, a rise in the derived demand of labour (unemployment at 6%,) and a slow revival from an economic contraction.

Australian housing bubble crisis

Although the restoration of the Australian economy was economically and socially difficult, it was a critical step to ensuring that Australian living standards didn’t plunge any further. This is largely due to the concerning housing price trends that have led to have additional negative impact and apprehension to Australian living standards. The property prices were a direct result of the momentous immigration to Australia, specifically Chinese immigration. Thus the pick up in employment and economic stimulation give Australian citizens hope that they can to some extent, resemble the persistent high property prices.

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Can Social Media Help Politicians Win Elections?

Social media is a booming industry and a huge number of companies and business owners are making good use of its services on their respective brands. These individuals however, are not the only ones who have benefitted greatly from the reach and popularity of the social media. Politicians today take the necessary efforts in improving their overall online presence attracting the attention of the online community. Can social media help politicians win elections? Is a popular question that often comes to mind especially since election campaigns are slowly starting to resurface.

The answer to that question is a definite yes. In fact, several politicians already found success with the help of social media. One of  the most notable examples is President Barack Obama who used social media in an effective manner winning U.S. presidential elections in 2008 and 2012. Aside from that, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is popular in the online community. The UK’s Financial Times even called him “India’s first social media prime minister” which result to a landslide and unanimous win.

Social media in politics is indeed a worthy endeavor. Mr. Modi as mentioned earlier, is among the five most followed politicians on Twitter with 14 million followers and still growing. Others in the top-five club are US President Barack Obama and Pope Francis.

Now social media is being used like never before particularly in a U.K. election. This is quite apparent with the rapid growth and increase of the U.K. population now uses social media more than even. In fact, many even coined 2015 to be UK’s first social media election in which parties are placing paid-for political adverts and campaign videos on social media to attract a potential audience of millions.

The social media and its millions of users are indeed a very good thriving ground to test one’s popularity and overall online presence. Furthermore, a huge number of online users now prefer social media over TV, print interviews or press conferences. The reason behind this is that the online community feels more engaged with the social media pages that they are following. Politicians can also use this to communicate directly to their fans through direct replies and instant messaging.

Social media is also able to reach a much larger number of individuals especially with the help of the internet. This in turn, makes it easy to gain fans across the different countries. Looking back at Mr. Modi, he often tweets in selected different languages depending on his travel itinerary.

Social media does indeed help politicians win elections and a number of politicians have already found success in this particular campaign. Millions of online users make use of social media services on a regular day to day basis making it feel almost natural to follow a popular brand, company or even a politician on their respective social media pages. This allows them to be updated about what they are doing. Make good use of social media towards your next political campaign today.

12 Awesome Eco-Blogs Worth Following

Protecting our planet starts from within our homes. But in our busy lives, we may lack the time and care required to honour our lives with dedicated waste management and recycling actions. Sometimes we might need an extra bit of inspiration to help keep our environment clean and safe – this is where these blogs can help with the motivation as much as the information they provide …

1. Treehugger A news and media website, Treehugger is devoted to sustainability, design, food, culture, transportation, energy, fashion, politics, health and other environmental issues and these can be found in their blog.

2. LiveScience LiveScience is the best in science, technology, health, and environmental reporting. Their blog is updated on a regular basis and they have amassed quite a large number of followers on their social media page.

3. Inhabitat Inhabitat’s aim is to achieve a smarter and a more sustainable future with their weblog that is devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design.

4. HuffPost Green The Huffington Post has made quite a name themselves over the past few years and it is good to hear that they are trying new ventures and expansions as well. Their HuffPost Green section talks about environmental and recycling news from around the world.

5. Mother Nature Network Aside from the traditional form of online articles and blogs, Mother Nature Network keeps things fresh for their readers by providing a variety of activities for them to engage with. Check out their quiz section and you can try to rate yourself amongst other online users as well.

6. National Geographic Who could forget National Geographic when looking for a list of great Eco blogs to follow? You will find no shortage of online content when you visit their site making it a noteworthy site to visit especially to those who want to know the latest environmental news from around the world.

7. GreenBiz The business industry plays a very important role in keeping our planet clean and safe. It is good to hear that there are those who love to share their goals and viewpoints with regards to the ecosystem, waste management and green initiatives not only to the community but also to companies and the even the government as well. These articles can be found at GreenBiz.

8.Eco-Chick It is good to find an eco friendly blog that is easy to relate and the Eco Chick is a noteworthy blog to consider covering green fashion and beauty for women around the world.

9. Dot Earth Created by Andrew C. Revkin, a Times reporter for 14 years and is the Senior Fellow for Environmental Understanding at Pace University’s Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies, Dot Earth examines efforts to balance human affairs with the planet’s limits

10. Eco Friend Find eco art, eco fashion, recycling ideas and other related topics that are featured on a regular basis at Eco Friend.

11. Cleantech Blog Touches on a more technical side of our Ecosystem, Cleantech blog discusses biofuels, carbon, smart grid, renewables, solar and transport among others.

12. Sierra Club The country’s largest, most effective grassroots movement, Sierra Club aims to spread the much needed information in ways on how to protect our planet.

If you know of other eco-blogging champions out there we’d like to add them to this list. Contact us & let us know, thanks!